Best Dog Walking Spots in Sydney

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As pet owners, we learn to read the little signs that say it’s time for a walk or a play, a treat or some more water. We read our dogs like we would small children who can’t yet talk and we learn to listen when they’re giving those little signs that say they need something.
Whether your pet pooch is an energetic breed that needs lots of walking multiple times a day or loves the odd stroll here and there – we have put together some of the best walking spots in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney for you and your pet pooch to enjoy.

Cooper Park – Bellevue Hill


This is a hidden gem nestled in and amongst the hustle and bustle of Sydney’s eastern suburbs. A patch of jungle-like adventure, Cooper Park has myriad walks and paths of luscious forest.

This large bushland reserve stretches from the Victoria Rd, Bellevue HIll to Manning Road, Double Bay and hosts a labyrinth of amazing walks for you and your dog.

Dogs are able to walk on lead at all times and can go off-lead between 4:30pm and 8:30am on the turfed sports grounds adjacent to Suttie rd.

So next time you’re looking for a little piece of peace, a safe car-free space for your dog to explore, find a patch of paradise in Cooper Park.

Rose Bay Beach – Rose Bay


With uninterrupted views of the gorgeous Sydney city skyline, you can catch a beautiful sunset or just enjoy the view while your dog runs free at Rose Bay Beach.

During low tide, dogs can test their paws, off-lead in the gentle ocean surf; cooling off in between energetic bursts on the sand. Playing with other dogs and running on the sand is sure to tire out even the most energetic dogs.

Conveniently located parallel to the Rose Bay shops, you can sneak in a spot of grocery shopping or grab a coffee from the local cafes.

Christison Park – Vaucluse


This cliff-top dog park is a haven for dog owners as well as dog walking groups.

A beautiful walk that stretches for kilometres with views of uninterrupted ocean makes this spot a tranquil and low-key walking spot for those seeking some time out. Once you’re done walking, there a couple beautiful niche cafes with outside tables where you and your canine friend can sit back, unwind and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Kutti Beach – Vaucluse


This blog could never truly be complete without mentioning the inimitable Kutti Beach. It’s the kind of place that will make you feel both proud and privileged to live in such an incredible and unique city.

Upon entering Kutti Beach, you’ll feel as though you’ve uncovered a hidden Sydney treasure. Here, you and your pooch can enjoy this gorgeous location together; so long as they’re kept on the leash!

As it starts to heat up during the summertime, head down with your pooch during sunset to appreciate this hidden gem for all its incredible beauty.

Rodney Reserve – Dover Heights


If your dog is the kind that needs to burn a serious amount of energy during their time out of the confinements of home, in Rodney Reserve lies acres of grassy space to take them off the leash and let them sprint to exhaustion, or to play an intense game of fetch.

Like most spots to walk your dog in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, it is absolutely beautiful. Positioned directly next to a barricaded cliff top looking over the ocean, you’ll more than likely spot a humpback whale or two breaching elegantly if you go at the right time of year!

Next time you and your dog are ready for an adventure in some of Sydney’s most scenic dog walking spots, be sure to check out these Sydney stunners. If you’d love to take your pooch to one of these prime locations but simply don’t have the time, the many dog walking businesses registered with Vouchify have got you covered! Check out Pawsome, Good Karma Dog Walking and Walkies With Jodi to name a few! Do you have a dog walking spot you love? We’d love to hear from you.

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