Harnessing The Power Of Positivity From Your Friends

Vouchify Positive Review

When you’re looking for a new business or service provider in your local area, where is the first place you go to find out more?

Have you ever tried somewhere based on their online reviews, only to be disappointed and left feeling like it was a waste of time and money? The main problem with traditional review sites is that you are relying on reviews and average rating scores posted by strangers, with no way of knowing if they share your tastes and standards or whether they are genuine. While businesses may have collected an impressive number of reviews online, reviews from strangers lack the power of a personal and positive testimonial from someone you trust. So, what is the most reliable way of finding a great provider every time?

The Evidence is Clear

According to Nielson, more consumers trust recommendations from family and friends (83%) than those that trust opinions posted online (66%), or any other form of advertising.

How often have you been at a brunch or barbecue and heard someone request a recommendation for a local hairdresser or pilates studio, dog groomer or tax accountant? And how often have you raved about the latest bootcamp or mechanic you recently had a great experience with?

At Vouchify, we’re tapping into the power of personal and positive word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends to make sure that the recommendations you see come from those whose opinions you trust the most.

Cut Through the Noise With Vouchify

The challenge with personal word-of-mouth recommendations is knowing which friends to ask and the inconvenience of having to wait for responses. Sourcing recommendations from social channels like Facebook groups can be inefficient, with people repeatedly asking for the same services week after week.

Vouchify’s vision is to be the easiest way for people to instantly find great nearby businesses that have been personally recommended by their friends. All friends’ recommendations are saved on the app so that they are instantly available when you need them.

We use positive-only recommendations to make sure you’re learning about the best local businesses and service providers. After all, who wants to read about or be referred to a mediocre or average experience? We don’t and we’re sure you won’t either. On Vouchify, you are only browsing the best.

Discover hidden gems just around the corner. See the local businesses your friends are vouching for on the Vouchify app and enjoy the confidence of a positive recommendation. Download the app today.