Setting Realistic Resolutions for 2017

Vouchify Personal Trainer

The end of 2016 is around the corner, which means it is time to reflect on the year that has been and plan for the year ahead. It is a time when we get to take pause, reflect and resolve to make the small improvements that can add up to big change for the year ahead. New Year’s Resolutions are easy to make and often, just as easy to break. If you’re looking to improve your health and wellness in 2017 and commit to setting small, achievable goals for long and lasting change, then check out these great Eastern suburbs local businesses.

Align Physiotherapy & Pilates

Launch 2017 by booking in for a power-packed consultation with Align Physiotherapy & Pilates and see how hands-on holistic care can transform your physical and mental wellbeing.

The team provide highly personalised, custom assessments and programs which are specifically designed to meet your needs.

We believe that having supportive and expert staff working with you to achieve your personal goals might be just the thing you need to help make this year’s resolutions the ones that you keep for now and forever.

Pilates By The Beach

Located at Sydney’s beautiful Coogee beach, it’s not hard to get motivated by Deanne Scoop’s, Pilates By the Beach.

With group and private classes for individuals of all levels and abilities, these classes are accessible for those just starting out, returning from a break or the regulars who want to keep their regularity.

Did you know that pilates was originally known as “contrology”? We think that’s fitting considering that the path towards long term transformation requires determination and willpower.

Pilates is designed to help build strength in the body and the mind. Of Pilates by the Beach, Michelle says “Try Pilates by the Beach and you will never go back to the studio. It meets the needs of mind, body and soul”.

My Asana

Clear your mind and recharge your batteries in time for 2017 with My Asana. This boutique yoga studio nestled in the serenity of Vaucluse offers classes for people of all different levels of experience from amateur to expert. They also offer a variety of different yoga styles, ensuring that there’s something for everyone!

Are you looking for some inspiration for the year ahead? Look no further than head teacher at My Asana; Amy Johnston. After suffering a broken back during a surfing accident, during her rehab she discovered the physical and emotional benefits of yoga. She now runs a vast range of classes and considers herself spiritually, emotionally and physically stronger than ever: impressive by anyone’s standards!


For those looking for a personal trainer to help enhance their physical fitness, body image and in turn their sense of self confidence, then TFitness is the place for you. Their one-on-one personalised classes incorporate a dynamic mix of circuit, interval, resistance and cardio training\ help you achieve your weight loss goals. Available for people of all fitness levels, we guarantee you a weekly session with TFitness will have you looking and feeling better than ever before!

If you’re looking to get the year 2017 off to the best possible start, download the Vouchify app and find the most uplifting and motivating businesses that your friends are already loving.